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Athletes usually make terrible actors off the field/court. But the movies that feature them are usually wonderfully terrible in the “so bad it’s actually watchable” way. This week on The Untitled Sports Show we run down our 5 favorite worst performances by an athlete. Trying to pick just 5 was like trying to just pick A pair of shoes from Imelda Marcos’s closet; IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, I just compared athletes in movies to a former first lady of The Philippines.

People say and do dumb shit all the time in social media. And sports is no exception. On The Untitled Sports Show it’s our job to find that dumb shit in the sports social media world and bring it to you, occasionally with reasonably humorous commentary! This week we discuss how Steve Coburn being a crybaby could affect the delicious future of California Chrome, why Johnny Manziel is so important to the sports media world, and why Kate Upton needs to relax. All that and more in less than 3 minutes, from your friends at @CBSLocalSports

"Wait…there’s an actual sports called Slamball that’s basketball with trampolines? WTF? Who came up with this nonsense?"

I don’t know. All I do know is it’s the stupidest and awesomest new “sport” I’ve seen in years, like real-life NBA Jam. And it’s one of the random sports we highlight in our ‘Sports We’d Like To See More Of” Edition of The Untitled Sports Show.

If you have a sport you’d like to see rise in popularity tweet at us, bro - @CBSLocalSports or @AhoyNickStevens

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